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NeoResearch community

NeoResearch is an open-source community focused in developing cutting-edge technologies for NEO blockchain. NEO ecosystem comprises several projects from many development groups worldwide, including secure Wallets for users interacting with the blockchain, compilers for NeoVM in different programming languages and efficient consensus algorithms for blockchain management.

NeoResearch is not a private company nor any form of legally constituted entity, it’s just a bunch of people crazy by blockchain technology and the Smart Economy revolution.

Key projects

  • NeoCompiler Eco, an ecosystem of Compiers RPC servers and several tools for testing and analyzing smart contracts;
  • SMACCO - SMart ACcount COmposer, a simple tool for composing Neo Smart Accounts;
  • Neo AVM optimizer, minimization of opcodes (NOP removal, unreachable code detection, …);
  • Neo tests, several tools for testing, building, deploying nodes and even drawing graphs of Neo Cosensus behavior;
  • Neo-Sim-JS, Neo AVM simulator on JavaScript (not fully completed);
  • Learning examples, an initiative of NeoResearch for learning material and examples for NEO development both for users, developers and academic students.

Directions for contributing

The NEO Council provides support to the community, in the form of NEO rewards, which are redistributed according to precisely made contributions. NeoResearch does not own funds, but acts as a bridge for redistributing the funds provided in Neo’s whitepaper. Donations to the group are managed by NeoResearch Council members and can be redistributed to contributors according to the following topics of interest (which are also aligned with NEO Project directions):

  • Development and contributions on platforms that provide Integration of NEO Ecosystem (integration between different tools that increase overall user experience and simplify development on NEO);
  • Development and contributions on platforms that provide greater Stability of NEO Ecosystem (bugfixes and validated/tested proposals for improvement of the main consensus project are also welcome);
  • Conducted studies and assessment of state-of-the-art projects, including Benchmarks that could lead to platform improved Efficiency (projects that propose/test novel high performance tools/techniques also fit this topic);
  • Standardization, creation and organization of Learning Materials, that could help newcomers to easily develop on NEO (tutorials, written and audiovideo materials, examples and coding templates, specially in different languages…).

Join us

Community is welcome to join us as a Public Member and participate in our Discord Channel.

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