Moving towards statistical comprehension - A NeoResearch promoted Competition/Challenge

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Challenge brief description

Following our pre-announce of this challenge, this competition will be limited to awarding concise statistical reports, focused on Neo blockchain bottlenecks and interesting time aspects. However, participants are encouraged to go further. We do not discard the possibility of increasing the reward for outstanding findings.

NeoResearch team will do their best to ensure that a wide public can participate in the competition. A didactic and, hopefully, simple guidelines will be provided in order to motivate everyone to try out their scientific nature.

This statistical and optimization competition is going to award, at least, 600 NEO.

Competition infrastructure

Basically, the competition will involve:

  • Time to be creative:
    • Participants are encouraged to use NeoCompiler Eco(system) for playing with proof-of-bullets tests and report their finding. However, other types of analyses are welcomed;
      • 6 NEO will be awarded to the best 50 reports.
    • Our team will revise all entries and, if necessary, forward crossed experiments to be replicated by participants.

Finally, the three best reports will be awarded with 100 NEO each. Outstanding incentives and other prizes may also be awarded.

Participants are encouraged to release their researching spirit, being critic and, at the same time, “blinded”.

Expected deadlines

  1. Registration will be open from xxx of July, 2018 in the xxx forms;
  2. First round of reports are expected to be submitted by the end of August;
  3. Prizes will be awarded in the beginning of October.