Mission Impossible IV: Mission Impossible IV: Open Challenge Call

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Challenge Description

Mission Impossible IV: In the search for multiples paths

Our mission

NeoResearch is an independent community, which receives support, nowadays, exclusively, from the Neo Foundation.

The main goal is to assist the Neo community with the development of groundbreaking research for the Neo Blockchain Ecosystem, testing, analyzing and investigating different components and tools developed and in use by the community.

The challenge: 48 hours call for finding an extraordinary behavior

Since some months ago, active members of our team reported the possibility of achieving different behaviors when analyzing the blockchain with neo-python or neo-cli.

Our whole here is to reach agreements and motivate all projects to stay aligned with Neo’s original design.

In this sense, we are instigating and motiving developers to report a case (previous incidents can also be reported and could be possibly considered) that provides different behaviors on the Neo-Python view of the Blockchain compared to the Neo-Cli+Neo Library. We are highlighting the Neo-Python since most part of the developers are using it in the Private Net when developing their applications. In addition, that is why NeoResearch has been giving so much attention to the NeoCompiler Eco, which is now comprising several tools that allows the community to explore these minor adjustments and agreements.

A symbolic reward of 721 ONT will be given to the most interesting reported case.

On 10:00 (10am) CST time of May, 30th, the challenge will be finished and NeoResearch will explain about, at least, one case, at Mission Impossible IV.

The report should be sent as an issue in this current project.