NEO Community Assembly 2019 - Shanghai/China

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NEO Global Development Shanghai organized the NEO Community Assembly 2019 held in the NEO Global Development (NGD) Office in Shanghai - China from 2nd to 07th of September 2019.

The event brought together several developers from around the world in the same place, as can be seen in the Communities groups names list. Was the first time an event like this was accomplished, some of the developers who only knew each other virtually, are discussing their ideas personally. Being a good opportunity to keep the groups growing together, exchanging ideas about their projects, exposing their past, present and future projects.

NeoResearch Team Vitor Nazário,Igor Coelho and Thays Oliveira are attending the event. In the 1st assembly day, VItor and Igor partipated in a round table discussion topic about NEO 3.0 Preview & Architech.


Communities groups and core devs around the world:

  • NGD Shanghai
  • NEO Colorado
  • Neo One Suite
  • Neo SPCC
  • City of Zion
  • Red4sec
  • NEO News Today
  • NGD Seattle
  • Neow3j
  • New Econo Lab
  • Alien works
  • NEO Blockchain

NCA 2019 video:


Event news around the world: