Global NEO Meetups July 06th - São Paulo/Brazil

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On July 6th NeoResearch Team in partnership with SimpliPay is organizing the Global NEO Meetups - Workshop 2019 in São Paulo/Brazil.


The event is part of the Global NEO Meetup, with the NEO Community in Brazil. This meeting going to focus on workshops/hands on (bring your notebook).

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Key Speakers

Vitor and Igor Coelho - Founders of NeoResearch Community

NeoResearch is a well-known and recognized community of the NEO Ecosystem. Its team is mostly composed of member from the academia. This group seeks to research state-of-the-art technology for the NEO ecosystem. Their research direction involves consensus, quantum cryptography, cross chain, high performance virtual machine and its portability. On the other hand, due to the academic background of the Community, it focus on didactic tools and material for teaching blockchain.

Ricardo Prado, Rodrigo Benez and Gil Lopes Bueno - SimpliPay

Digital platform for application of economic dynamics based on blockchain. The digital solution for management and payments that aims to simplify the realization and registration of transactions between users, eliminating costs with fees and monthly payments. The SimpliPay team has crossed 3 key seats in the process of currency scanning: technology, economics and design.They are a group founded by 9 complementary skills professionals – all with experience of over 5 years in successful homeownership committed to the idea of ​​a more transparent, fair and intelligent economy.

Alex Braz - Blockchain Academy

Developer since 2002, technical ambassador of RSK in Brazil, developer of sdk Java for Nem network, contributor to EthereumJ project, Blockchain event coordinator, Blockchain Academy instructor, startup advisor and one of the founders of the largest Brazilian group of Blockchain developers , called “Blockchain Devs”.


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