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A scientific work named Challenges for Connecting Citizens and Smart Cities: ICT, E-Governance and Blockchain has been published on 07th April at Sustainability Journal.

The work addresses ICT technologies, governance models and NEO Blockchain as example of digital assets and democracy. It also explains NEO consensus and the proposals for managing digital identities on a public blockchain.

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Oliveira, T.A.; Oliver, M.; Ramalhinho, H. Challenges for Connecting Citizens and Smart Cities: ICT, E-Governance and Blockchain. Sustainability 2020, 12, 2926.


The way citizens interact with cities affects overall life quality. Their participation in social decisions is of paramount importance for helping on public decisions that affect governance, regulation and education. This interaction has the potential of being boosted within the scope of smart and digital cities, especially by recent advances in blockchain technology. This work introduces insights about how smart cities’ concepts and innovative technologies can help society to face daily challenges for improving citizens’ awareness. Digital technologies are able to drive social and economic development by employing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to promote innovation. In this context, e-governance, in conjunction with disruptive concepts such as blockchain, is showing up as a fundamental tool for a decentralized democracy. This study reviews, discusses, raises open points and presents suggestions towards an efficient, transparent and sustainable use of technology, applied to future cities.

Keywords: smart cities; digital cities; citizens; blockchain; ICT; e-governance; sustainability; urban planning; green technologies; smart contracts.

The article is open access and can be DOWNLOAD here.