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NEO DevCon 2019 Seattle

1 minute read

On February 16 and 17 NeoResearch Team was present on NEO DevCon 2019 - Seattle.

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Uruguay Blockchain Summit 2018

less than 1 minute read

NeoResearch Team represented NEO at two meetups held in Montevideo/ Uruguay, on 3rd and 5th of September.

São Paulo Meetup

less than 1 minute read

On May 14 NeoResearch Team in partneship with BOMESP organized a meetup in CCBB - Câmara de Comércio Brasil-Canadá, São Paulo/Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro Meetup

less than 1 minute read

On May 12 NeoResearch Team organized a open Meetup on Rio de Janeiro/Brazil in an coworking atmosphere and a collaborative meeting.

NeoResearch team in Australia

less than 1 minute read

On NEO Asia-Pacific Tour in March, NeoResearch Team were present in Melbourne and Sidney Meetup & Workshop on March 12t and 16th, Australia, 2018. It was...

Report I

2 minute read

With pleasure, we announce our first public communication with Neo community. Slowly but surely society has been moving towards a more concrete sustainable e...

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