Report I

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With pleasure, we announce our first public communication with Neo community. Slowly but surely society has been moving towards a more concrete sustainable environment, merging decentralization, union and consensus. With this spirit, NeoResearch team is going to be in connection with state-of-art scientific knowledge and groundbreaking innovative technologies. Our main focus is directed to improve Neo ecosystem with the development of cutting-edge and precise contributions and corrections.

We would like to highlight that we expect a more level of participation from scientists of Brazil and all around the world. If you feel you have a good idea we can fund your scientific project.

The first round of funds given by the NeoResearch team embraced:

  • Crucial contributions to the C#, which incorporated knowledge from the previous months of research;

  • Suggestions and smaller corrections on Python ecosystem;

  • Studies on Neo machine and corrections on standard templates;

  • Project, development and launch of NeoCompiler interface;

  • Integration of an online interactive deploy and contract invoke system;

  • Assistance for NeoResearch team structure, governance plans, funding managements, digital-security, marketing strategies, development lines, logo, and future events.

Along this coming year, NeoResearch team will mainly focus on:

  1. Establish key projects and research directions (Q1-Q2);

  2. Promote marketing campaigns and expanding community (Q3).

  3. Create an infrastructure for hosting, at least, one consensus node (Q3-Q4);

  4. Release, at least, one SC applied to a cutting-edge technology related to academy, industry and science (Q4).

NeoResearch Council

February 16th, 2018

We are proposing a logo for NeoResearch with the following idea:

  • Blue represents the Earth and clean technologies;

  • Red represents Mars and communication protocols for interplanetary distances, embracing Quantum technologies;

  • Green represents Neo and the Smart Economy;

  • The Leaf represents “The Blockchain of Life”, including all life forms;

  • Finally, black represents the struggle to bring enlightenment and vision to adopt these groundbreaking and society changing technologies.

NeoResearch logo