NeoResearch team projects

NeoResearch team focus on cutting-edge projects for the Neo Blockchain, covering from end-users didactic applications to contributions into state-of-the-art concepts involved in the Neo-VM and Blockchain Consensus and Communication.

Research directions

NeoResearch team has been mainly focusing on: NeoCompiler Eco Improvements; Consensus optimizations strategies and High-performance Neo-VM.

While some brief details about projects conducted/assisted by NeoResearch members can be seen here, other contributions are directed submitted on neo-project core github, as well as in specific discussions sessions on Discord, Reddit and other academic events or meetups.

In order to achieve our goals of making Neo ecosystem a top scientifically engaged Blockchain, NeoResearch tries to engage members and contributors to focus on cutting-edge and precise contributions to the Neo Core libraries. In this sense, we encourage members to work in partnership with Neo Core developers, as well as connected with other developers communities, such as: City Of Zion, NewEconoLabs, AmazoNeo and SPCC Neo.

Summary of projects/contributions

  • 2018-2019 16 key contributions can be seen available here.

Key projects

  • NeoCompiler Eco, an ecosystem of Compiers RPC servers and several tools for testing and analyzing smart contracts;

NeoCompiler Eco

NeoCompiler Eco - Easy way to code and test your Smart Contracts

Try it!

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The SMart ACcount COmposer for NEO Blockchain


  • Neo Dappgram, providing fluxogram diagram for Neo Dapps. This allows public drawing of fluxograms for Neo AVM.

Neo Dappgram

Drawing of fluxograms for Neo AVM


  • Neo AVM optimizer, minimization of opcodes (NOP removal, unreachable code detection, …);
  • Neo tests, several tools for testing, building, deploying nodes and even drawing graphs of Neo Cosensus behavior;
  • Neo-Sim-JS, Neo AVM simulator on JavaScript (not fully completed);
  • Learning examples, an initiative of NeoResearch for learning material and examples for NEO development both for users, developers and academic students.