Rio de Janeiro Meetup

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On May 12 NeoResearch Team organized a open meetup on Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.

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Alexandre Barbosa led the ceremony.

The lectures were conducted by:

  • NEO Team Tamar Salant and Malcolm Lerider, who presented
  • Representatives of ITS Rio, Luiza Mesquita, Gabriel Aleixo and Marco Konopacki.
  • NeoResearch Developers Igor Machado and Vitor Nazário, presented the NeoResearch compiler tools.

This meeting audiance included people interested in the theme, representatives of Brazilian startup and developers.

It was an exchange of knowledge and pleasure to bring this theme for the community. This meeting was supported by NeoResearch in partnership with ITS Rio.

Malcolm Igor and Vitor Igor and Vitor NeoResearch

Rio de Janeiro Meetup - Neo and ITS Rio